Data Security

Storage & Backup

We set up high secure data vaults on and off site. This service allows you to securely backup your data to a secure location on a suitable network of your choice, through your personal and secure backup link. All your key corporate data can be backed up onsit or in an offsite location automatically, as well cloud storage solutions.
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Secure Networking

Specialized in solutions designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data, that includes both hardware and software technologies. Solutions such as Point-2-point connectivity, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Wide Area Network (WAN) & Local Area Network (LAN), Fiber connectivity etc.
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Data encryption is a security method where information is encoded and can only be accessed or decrypted by a user with the correct encryption key. We offer software based encryption and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. With centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, organizations can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure, whether storing data at rest in your physical data center, a private or public cloud, or in a third-party storage application.
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